The Amateur Repeater Society of East Tennessee (ARSET) a united voice for repeater operators.


Andy Masters NU5O no longer Tennessee State SERA Director!

One of our members received this startling information from Andy on Sept 5, 2005. We have no other information about when this became effective. The SERA website still does not have the summer meeting minutes posted and lists Andy as state director. The summer meeting occurred the first part of June, WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG TO PUBLICLY POST WHAT WENT ON?

OLD News: SERA REVERSES The Tone policy

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Members Repeater Listings

Repeater Members:Representing 98% of all repeaters in the upper East Tennessee area, and more joining in the middle Tn area.

Sam Snyder, WM4T 145.110 Gray, Tn. Email

Bob Gass, N4FV 53.01, 147.060, 442.700 Greeneville, Tn

Todd Malone, KE4CCB 146.700, 442.200, 444.500 Bluff City, Tn

Bill Jacobs, KD4CLA 145.270, 444.350 Pigeon Forge, Tn

Mike Hopson, W4NKW 145.250 Unicoi, Tn

Jeffery Bible, K4MFD 224.720, 444.200 Greeneville, Tn Email

Gary Hudson, W4CBX 147.000, 224.200 Blountville, Tn

Tim Aikens, AJ4D 29.62 Madisonville, Tn Email

Ronny Worley, KE4VQM 147.315 Sweetwater, Tn

Joel Hall, KJ4SI 147.255 Petros, Tn

Danny Herman, K4DHT 53.33, 146.610, 224.280, 443.925 Mountain City, Tn

Scott Wyrick, KD4CWB 53.99, 147.000, 147.195, 224.860, 443.500, 443.800, 444.000, 443.525, 921.500 Seymour, Tn Doug Gibson, KD4HZN 147.315, 224.480 Rogersville, Tn

Jim Lee, KQ4E 53.23, 145.450, 147.030, 444.975, 920.800 Morristown, Tn

Steve Peoples, WB4OAH 147.225, 444.800 Morristown, Tn

Sherman Oxendine, KD4PVU 53.41 Roan Mountain, Tn

Gerald Whaley Sr. AA4YQ 146.745 Wartburg, Tn

Keith Tarwater, WA4KJH 146.850, 443.300 Sevierville/Gatlinburg, Tn

Daryl Smith, KF4ARH 146.685 Walland, Tn

Keaton Shelton, KB8FPK 224.180 Unicoi, Tn

Gary Upchurch, W4SRX 145.270 Monterey, Tn

Jim Carrier, WD4ATV (ATV Repeater) 421.250 Johnson City, Tn

Charles Satterfield, K4EZK 442.550 Waucheesi Mtn, Tellico Plains, Tn

Larry Broyles, WB4NKM 444.650, 224.940 Greeneville, Tn

Carl Schilk, W3FCC 443.725 Sweetwater, Tn 443.325 Madisonville, Tn 443.225 Tellico Plains, Tn

Ronnie Byrd, AI4BT (w4trc club repeater) 146.970 Kingsport, Tn

Jim Widener, W4VJ (w4abr club repeater) 146.790 Johnson City, Tn

John Sutherland,W4NOW(w4mct club repeater)145.470 Mountain City, Tn

Stephen May, W4IOJ (kf4zqa club repeater)145.290 Elizabethton, Tn

Chuck Ray, KC4DSY (kf4brs club repeater)147.165 Erwin, Tn

Tommy Mize, KO4SY, (k4dpd club repeater)147.390 Rhea County, Dayton, Tn

Paul Dorchel, W4EYJ, (w8eyu club repeater)146.865 Cumberland Plateau Amateur Radio Club, Crossville Contesters Club, Cumberland Amateur Repeater Association. 146.805, 444.950 Crossville, Tn